Most people pay a lot of money for diamond jewelry…

imagine what some people will do to get diamond jewelry for FREE!

Diamond jewelry is a powerful motivator when your mission is to inspire, reward, recognize or tantalize both sales and non-sales employees. And with the direct pricing available from Antwerp Diamonds (USA)™, your choice of diamond jewelry has never been more affordable.

Here are a few ways some of America's leading companies are adding sparkle to their internal marketing and motivation programs:

Sales Incentive Awards: For example reward top performers with a lasting reminder of their past, present and future accomplishments with a Classic Trilogy Necklace or Ring. Diamond jewelry is available in a wide range of prices to fit every program budget. Imagine providing an award that never wears out, is always in style, and will actually increase in value! Nothing compares to the value of a diamond because “A diamond is Forever”, can any other incentive say that!

Non-Sales Awards: Companies are putting increasing emphasis on internal areas such as customer service, productivity, training, safety and satisfaction. Antwerp Diamonds (USA)™ offers positive solutions to some of business’ most challenging motivation opportunities. Choose from our low cost Sterling Sliver Diamond Necklaces starting at under $100 for your next recognition program.

Corporate Gifts: Whether rewarding visiting VIP guests, outstanding suppliers, or top management, diamond jewelry is a great way to recognize exceptional performance.

Employee Reward and Recognition: Diamond jewelry provides an appreciated symbol of pride and loyalty. Choose traditional designs or unique custom creations with diamond carat weights adjusted for your specific price levels.

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